Does Masking Subdomains are considered as a Duplicate Content

If you are wondering whether or not the masking subdomains are considered as a duplicate content, you have come to the right place! Read this article and discover all information you need to know!


A lot of people would like to know if Google is seeing the masking subdomains as a duplicate content. Even though there are no official information, we can suppose a thing or two. According to people who have tested if Google sees the domain and subdomain as two different websites with duplicate content, there are possible penalties if the web content is available on each mapped domain. The duplicate content is not the biggest problem here as the poor rank is. You will affect your SEO strategy and you will manage to accomplish absolutely nothing. Failure to rank is the only outcome you are going to receive.

Let’s see more about how domain masking may impact your SEO strategy.


Will Domain Masking Affect Your SEO Strategy

Let’s suppose that you have a well-known website for your consulting business. The name of the website is Let’s suppose that you have recently added a new white paper to your website and you think that you can get a lot of visitors on your website and links, especially if you register a new unique domain, for example, You feel confident that you will get more visitors and links if you decide to use this domain. However, you still want to keep your new domain as it is doing great.

Your hosting company provides a service known as – pointer domain. In other words, the users who will type will always see as the URL in the address window of the browser, even if these users click on the page – Pointer domain is also known as domain asking, so the real question is if domain masking a good idea?

Before we answer your question, please bear in mind that this was just an example, so we can explain to you what domain masking really is.

According to experts and professionals in this area, domain masking is not a good idea. The biggest problem with domain masking or pointer domain is that it created a dupplicate content in Google and other search engines. In the example we’ve mentioned before, Google will see both domains and as two different websites that serve the same content. Google and other search engines will recognize these two domains as duplicates and will decide to serve the other domain over the other and this is where the problem began. This is not a preferred outcome. Simply, it is not possible for you to have a search engine presence for two different domains where you are going to present the same content. This rule applies to having a website that is serving different purposes as well.



A Final Word

When it comes to a certain penalty from Google, we can ensure you that there is no real penalty. However, we must advise you that it is really stupid and unnecessary to use pointer domain or domain masking. Even though Google will not charge you will create confusions and problems yourself, especially for your SEO strategy. It is not smart to use domain masking as you can affect your SEO strategy in a negative way.

So, the conclusion is – do not use domain masking as you may face the final outcome which is – confusing Google and negatively affect your SEO presence. You surely don’t want this.

We hope that this article was helpful for you!

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